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October 28 / 2016 - A little less is so much more

Macro/micro is a sonic explorerer from Manhattan Beach, CA who recently dedicated a couple of years to experiencing the harsh climate of Kazakhstan to become even stronger and tougher human. His recent release is a conceptual effort to sonify the experience of of a prey - being stalked, devoured, digested and absorbed. Perhaps this is a real experience, a fantasy or a metaphor of a social structure...One has to find his/her own meaning.

September 14 / 2016 - So Eclectic

Our newest release is from Los Angeles based artist Integrate. His music is like a blast of sunshine. Warm and sweet and feisty. On a side note, the summer was awesome and intense with things changing fast and taking new forms and directions. The three releases that came out so far are so different and eclectic and we love it. Can't wait to hear and share what's the next thing we discover.

June 15 / 2016 - First Releases are on the way!

We are very happy to announce that starting this month we start releasing music. First on the way is a two-track “LSE / Comeback” by the eccentric electronica starlet from Almaty - Zzara. Later in July comes out a mini album “Scintilla” from audio/visual duo the2vvo. Same month we’ll be graced with the release from Los Angeles based multitalented artist _Integrate. And in the end of July we expect a ground shaking release from Macro/Micro. Stay Tuned!

Feb 1 / 2016 - Grand Opening!

We are very excited to announce the opening of our record label / artist hub. We are very enthusiastic to start this adventure full of creativity and collaborations. We already have so many things planned for this year and we can't wait to start sharing them with you.

One more thing - we have open spaces on our roster if you are an artist looking for a label. We are looking for experimental, electronic, electro-acoustic acts. We are open to non-music (visual, installation) artists too. If you are interested, drop us a message and we will get back to you to discuss the possibilities of working together.

Also, if you wish to receive news about events, releases and other important matters, you can sign-up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page. We promise not to spam or disclose your email to anyone else. We are real people and we don't want to do anything to somebody that we'd hate to be done to us.

So welcome to Aetherial and stay tuned.