Aetherial Records (AeR) is a record label / artist hub founded in 2015. As a group of creators ourselves we envision AeR as a bridge between art makers and art lovers; a platform that facilitates the creation, release and promotion of sound, visual, installation and interactive art, as well as curation of the events.

AeR is created to become a home for artists, whose work goes beyond popular trends. We focus on three aspects of creative work that we spread to public:

By bringing artists from different fields together we also hope to establish an ongoing platform for multidisciplinary collaborations. We theorize that the future of music and art lies in the closer merge between the fields.

At AeR we also aim to find a balance between production and sustainability by prioritizing recycled materials and DIY / hand-crafted pieces of work over mass production. We adopt a philosophy of “less is more” by thoroughly selecting materials for the production of physical goods and allowing a large portion of things that artists create available digitally. We think that art strives in metaphysical and emotional realms thus it is of most importance to AeR to produce works that translate that into a tangible form.